Chapter 1 - A picture of Caleb

Life & Death - How did I get myself into this situation? "My little kicker." I cried, holding the squirming mess on my chest, the feeble cries made my heart ache but I couldn't bare to stop them. They told me that my baby was alive and well that I would get to keep


Horror - A man gets a call by one calling himself Azrael saying that in exchange for a close one, he will bring his late wife back from the dead.

Princess' Knight

Writing - In the years where the sword and the bow and arrow were the main innovations in weaponry, the country of Arseinega, a land of plenty, with very influential people and liberal ideals. What will happen to Arseinega? Who is the mysterious boy Aubin?

The 54 Book Series: Book One: President Jewel

Life & Death - 17 year old Ariel is part of a rebel organization called the 54. And after several bombings from the US military,the rebels take a stand,and take Ariel with them as the face of their rebellion. But Ariel isn't just a model. Ariel wants revenge.


Love & Romance - A case of mistaken identity will change Caer Ash's life forever when she's kidnapped and discovers something unexpected

Wishing for Eden

Writing - Ever since young Tavina could remember, she had been taught to stay in the forest and to keep away from people. Little does she know that she is the key to one of the greatest things the world of Eden has to offer: she's a wish in human form.


Writing - mostly understood in the title


Horror - Searching for a relaxing, peaceful community? Perhaps somewhere you could rest in peace? Well, Cleer Creek is presently offering a once in a lifetime opportunity...

Dictionary... Chapter 3

Horror - Words can hurt. Literally. and no kid seems to do justice to this phrase better than the "Sage".

Dictionary... Chapter 2

Horror - Words can hurt. Literally. and no kid seems to do justice to this phrase better than the "Sage".

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