Chapter 1


By LYN DAWN | Published: October 4, 2012

Riiiiiinnggg. Riiiiiinnnnggg. Rinnnnggggg.

Vincent's eyes flutter from their enervated state, having leaving his comatose. "Wh-Who the hell is calling so late?" That is somewhat correct; it's actually fairly early in the growing blush of day break. His calloused hands pick up the telephone and places it up to his ear. "What? Who the fuck is calling so early anyways?"

The caller's low-toned articulation boomed through the wire, "Hello, Vincent Fortescue. You may call me Azrael."

Vincent blinks and mutters in his half-conscientious accent, "Wh-What are you talking about? I-I don't know an Azrael."

"Then it is lovely to make your acquaintance. I have a proposal that may strike your fancy," his low tone almost inaudible, making Vincent have to think deeply as to what he is saying.

Vincent sighs, "Can this bloody proposal wait until the morning? Some people sleep!"

The man who called himself Azrael laughed maniacally, "I'm afraid it cannot. I was told by my master to attend last wishes of your late wife, Lynette was her name, no?"

And within seconds, Vincent Fortescue was wide awake at just hearing of his darling Lynette. His mind raced with images of her chestnut locks and azure gaze."Y-You knew Lynette?" Vincent stuttered, his quintessence drumming wildly.Â

He laughs even more acrimoniously, "Rather the case is the opposite, I know your beloved Lynette."

"She's been dead for years.. You can't possibly! Please just stop! Leave me alone, it's not funny!" Vincent hears himself, in a shaken, perplexed stutter as he starts to hang up the phone.Â

Azrael's voice was clearly heard from the phone, though it was placed far from the older man's ear, "I can give you your wife back in exchange for a life of a close one, a simple exchange. A life for a life."

Vincent gasps and picks the telephone up quickly, closer to his ear, nearly caressing it, "You can really do that?"

Azrael smirks as if Vincent could see the devilish guise, "That and more, my friend. I can satisfy your greatest wishes. I'll even give you one day with Ms. Lynette, simply from the goodness of my heart." His laugh roars through the phone, "I will be at your residence in twenty four hours for your decision. Goodbye and good luck, Vincent Fortescue."

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