1. prologue
1. chapter one

Chapter 1

chapter one

By KATIE REXROAD | Published: August 31, 2010

kaylee felt sick. she had just killed someone. she felt dizzy. she always hated kay for stealing jake away from her, but now she had killed her. this was not happening. it wasn't suppose to be this way. she hadn't meant to kill her. but one mention of the wedding that was suppose to be hers, and her hands were around the other girls throat, squeezing the life out of her. she was going to jail, she just knew she was going to jail. she had to hide the body, before anyone found out. she couldn't let jake know. it would brake his heart. she would say kay just ran away, that she just didn't love him any more. yes that's it. she would say that she had gone to the apartment to say she had given up, and she found a letter for him written from kay. he was going to be heart broken...

kay couldn't believe this. she was a ghost. this isn't real she thought. it's the stuff of books. but some part of her now transparent body knew, this was really happening. being a ghost isn't what she thought it would be. for example, the whole floating thing, that didn't just happen. she had to walk. if she wanted to float, she had to really try. and she wasn't always transparent. if she wanted to be seen or she wanted to be in a solid form, she could be. she found this out the hard way when she wasn't trying to be transparent and tried to walk through a tree. if she were still alive, she'd probably have a big red bump on her head.

she wasn't alive, though. she was dead. she wondered if she would be visible to people too. she wondered if jake would be able to see her. jake. he would be absolutely furious with kaylee. he will never forgive her for doing this to kay. she was going to see him now. and since she didn't really need to sleep or eat anymore, she could walk through the night and be to their apartment in the morning. how would he take the news that his fiance was a ghost?

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