1. prologue
1. chapter one

Chapter 1


By KATIE REXROAD | Published: August 31, 2010

And then it was dark.

the last thing i remember was the pain. and hard, angry hands closing in around my throat. and a face, twisted in anger and, could it be, pain? did i know this person? yes i think i did. this was a person i never really liked or trusted. this was the person who tried to steal away my true love. this was Kaylee

why would she do this? i know why. we both loved Jake. but i never would have guessed she was a killer. this simply proves that i love him more. i would want him to be happy, not suffer, even if it meant i could not be with him. we made him choose, years ago, between us. he choose me. i was thrilled! but Kaylee, not so much. shes hated me ever since and doesn't try hard to hide it. shes glared and cussed for 4 years. he chose me when we were 14 and now we're 18 and planning our future together. or were before Kaylee killed me.

wait. if I'm dead, how can i think?! and that's when i looked down at kay, myself, pale and peaceful, as if i were sleeping. but i wasn't. i was dead. and i was a ghost

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