The 54 Book One:President Jewel

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Chapter 1

The 54 Book Series: Book One: President Jewel

By KELLY FARRELL | Published: January 31, 2012

Chapter one:54

I heard her knocking on my door. Before I knew it,atleast 15 men in orange suits ran into my apartment. "Ariel,we need you to get out of here NOW!" Ashleigh yelled. Ashleigh is part of the Record department in the 54. For some reason shes been watching me and asking me weird questions lately. And now,shes here,making me come with her. "Ariel! The US is bombing,if you stay here you'll be blown to bits! Come on!" I decided to go with her.
As I followed her,we stopped by my friends houses,and got them to follow us. Soon we had a whole group of civillians following us. We started down a flight of stairs. And another. And another. I think we passed 60 flights of stairs until we reached a dark room. It was huge. It was the 54s bomb shelter. I went in first and as I investigated the room,a huge ripple of vibrations made me loose my balance. The first bomb had dropped. The metal ground was so cold and hard that I couldnt move until one of the orange suited men offered their hand. So many questions swam around in my mind. Whats happening? Are the US soilders in our country yet? Am I going to die?

Several hours passed. Now almost every minute another bomb hits. Hundreds of people are down here in this shelter with me. The ground shakes so unatturally and so uncontrollably and each time it does,I get thrown on the ground,along with everyone else. I have no idea where my family is. I have a little sister named Isabella. Shes 12. Along with my grandfather. They are the only ones that are my family. That are left,anyway. I lost my parents four years ago. We were walking down a street,on our way to an icecream shop. It was Isabellas birthday that day. Suddenly,a fleet of suicide bombers flew in. I grabbed my sisters hand and sprinted into an alley,just as i watched my parents burn to death. I didnt find out until a year ago that my grandfather survived the attack. Still to this day,I have nightmares of loosing Isabelle. If I lost her,I wouldnt be able to survive. When I start to think of that day again,my worried instinct takes over and i flip out my cellphone and I call her. She never answers.

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