Chapter 1

The Office

By ALEX WOOD | Published: January 17, 2011

It was a boring day at the office and Alex had just finished clearing the files off his desk when the scent of Kerry's perfume aroused his senses. Like a predator he slithered to the door of his office.

"Kerry, what would it take for a girl like you to take a break and pamper yourself?"

"Not everyone can kick back and relax like you Alex."

"I work fast"

"Yeah I know, not everyone can't be as fast as you."

"I'm just saying that you should take a break and have some ‘‘you time’’, I hate seeing you overworking yourself."

"Thank for caring, but I don’t need your sympathy."

"Its not sympathy, cant you believe that I actually care,"

"Oh please"

"Hey I know you have a boyfriend and all but I want to take you out this Saturday, strictly business."

"I really don’t think that’s a good idea."

"Come on, how am I even a threat to your relationship? Just trust me nothing funny will happen."

"I...I’ll think about it."

"Please do, I promise you wont regret it."

"If this is some sort of trick I’m going to kill you."

"Its not, so don’t worry."

As Alex walked back to his office he thought,

'Damn I better not screw this up. Although I do want to see what she looks like in a towel. Fuck, what the hell am I thinking, she's in a relationship and out of my league.'

"Alex what exactly are you planning for tomorrow?"

"It’s a surprise. Oh, I’m picking you up at seven so we can get through the whole list."

"List? What the hell! You planned the whole thing before I said yes, didn’t you?”

"Yep, anyway I’m leaving so see you at seven."

The drive home seemed longer than usual and Alex thought about Kerry in her boyfriends arms, it tore him up inside to be in love with someone he couldn’t have. Three years seemed to have passed quickly and the pain Alex felt was growing stronger each day he had to tell her, as Alex crawled form his car to his house he slowly took off his clothes examining each muscle outline of his body and thought about holding Kerry close to him, having her slender, warm, naked body engulfed in his arms. As he got into the shower his strain transpired into tears and he let the water flow over his body washing away his painful tears. After the shower he crept to his bed where he let he tears put him to sleep.

Chapter: 2

Alex awoke at 5:30 Saturday morning feeling slightly better and calls Kerry,

"Hey remember you have an appointment today and bring your bathing suit."


"Cause your going to need it."

"I thought you said no funny business."

"Its not… just get ready."

As he hangs up the phone he thought ' Damn she's a grumpy bitch in the morning."

Anyway, what to wear? Black, definitely black. I’m going have to bring swim trunks though, crap! He thought

Alex put on the closest fitting black shirt he could find and left feeling a need to satisfy someone.

At about 7:11 he pulled up to Kerry's house, as he sat there Kerry emerged in a Breath taking black dress that covered up to her thighs Alex felt uneasy as she walked down the driveway too the car.

“No one goes out on a date at 7 in the morning.''

Alex was stunned she said date.

"Business date, that is.’’ She interjected, noticing the bright look on his face.

“It’s not a date, it’s just a friend showing a friend how to have some fun, and you need it."

"So where exactly are we going now, aren’t clubs open in the night?"

"Yes but we're not going to a club, the first stop is the spa."


“Yeah, spa, you need to relieve the stress you have built up in you body before you're ready to do any form of partying or whining for that matter. So just sit and relax.

At 8:03 they arrived at the spa and Alex and Kerry entered the building. When they reached the front desk Alex said to the reseptionist.

"Mr. Wood and Ms. Morgan checking in."

"Mr. Wood, we were afraid you wouldn’t come back after the way you stormed out last Friday."

"Yeah about that I had a situation at home I needed to take care of immediately."

"Well welcome back, private rooms for each as usual right?"


"Ms Morgan this way please and you too Mr. Wood."

"Mr. Wood? Seriously? Hell no Alex. How much are you paying her?

"For your information I’m a very regular customer here, I'm here every week."

"Here are your changing rooms; you too make such a cute couple."

"Oh, were not together, just good friends.” Kerry replied.

"Oh, that’s a shame." Said the receptionist

"I... I’m going to change in the next room so I’ll see you. Oh, and it’s to the pool first."

After Alex changed into his trunks and robe he thought about the fact that Kerry was changing in the room next to him. As Alex reached the pool he removed his robe exposing his hard abs and the veins outlining his muscular arms and the eyes of every woman was fixed on him, Alex smiled at them then dove into the pool. His now wet muscular body seemed to attract more attention, and his main focus now was showing off until his eyes caught sight of a sexy pair of legs in a two piece swim suit. Kerry's body hugged her two piece swim suit and now Alex could see every curve of her figure, his cock immediately hardened and he fell back into the pool. The v-cut between Kerry’s legs was so visible that he couldn’t help but be hard, as Kerry walked closer to the pool the more Alex's heart pounded against his chest.

"Alex what’s the matter you seem like you’re in pain."

"No, it just that I... I saw something a second ago that fascinated me."

"Ok then. Anyway when I was leaving the changing room the receptionist lady said that the masseuses will be seeing us in 15 minutes so I’m giving you a heads up."

"Yeah, so aren’t you coming in? The water is warm-ish."

"Okay in a sec."

Alex's cock was as hard as hell and it seemed it would never go down, at least not with Kerry around. As Kerry lowered herself into the water his cock grew harder and harder and it felt as if it was going explode. Kerry swam over to where Alex was and her nipples and breasts were clearly visible as they broke the surface of the water and Alex tried to keep his eyes affixiated on her face.

"Hi." Alex said as he gazed deep into her eyes.

"Hi," she said with a puzzled look on her face.

“Kerry there's something I’ve wanted to say to you for a while now."

"Well, get it off you chest then."

"This isn’t the place nor the time to say it, just remind me later... please."


"So can you swim?'' Alex said reluctantly.


"Let’s have race then."

"K, I’m going to beat you and you'll have to tell your friends that a girl beat you."

"I can handle that, the word beat has many meanings."

Kerry laughed and as the race was about to start a woman walked up to the pool and said

"Mr. Wood, Ms Morgan your masseuses are ready for you now."

"Seems like somebody’s looking out for you, Kerry."

"Ha, I would think the exact opposite."

As Kerry stepped out of the pool her fool slipped of the ledge and she fell back directly on Alex, the back of her head landed on his muscular chest and his erect cock parted her legs and she quickly jumped up.

"Are you all right?" Alex asked

"Ye...yeah, I just slipped. But next time watch where your hands go Romeo."

"Mm...My hands? They caught your sides. So what I can't touch your sides."

Kerry didn’t answer and stormed out of the pool. Alex had a smile on his face that astronauts could see and his cheeks turned red as he left the pool.

Alex's masseuse had been the same since he'd first been there, a bodied young lady in her early twenties. He'd always complimented her on how she looked and she would smile and tell him to strip off his robe which he would do in a slow and sexy manner. She would start by giving him a back massage then placing the hot rocks on it but instead this time after the back massage she told him to turn over.

"Turn over? Why?"

"The massage you have scheduled here is a full body one so Mr. Wood let me work."

Alex raised one of his eyebrows and said slowly,

"Work? What exactly are you trying to say mam?"

"Oh, please Mr. Wood, your two inches couldn’t please me."

"Whoa, whoa, now I may be a little bit on the short side but when you disrespect my friend that’s where I have a problem."

Alex sat up on his bench and said

"Before you make silly statements like that check your facts first, because for you information it’s more than four time that."

"Oh please!" she replied as she rolled her eyes.

"Check for yourself then."

As she pulled back the towel to expose his nine inch cock she gasped and held it firmly, Alex slid further up the bench and held her by the chin and placed her lips against his and as their tongues intertwined he slowly unbuttoned her blouse and gently removed her bra and caressed her breasts as he stepped of the bench. Their lips virtually inseparable, his hands slid slowly up the sides of her legs and partially elevated her skirt using his fingers to slightly lubricate the walls of her pussy and she let out a soft moan as they went in. She removed her lips from his and slid down for a more substantial prize. As her tongue touched the bottom of his shaft it warmth sent chills up his spine and his head went back as her mouth engulfed him demanding more and more each time. He grabbed her and placed her on the bench and used his tongue to tickle the side of her neck as he removed her skirt. His tongue strode down her body and rested between her breasts, then circulated her nipples before resuming its journey to her navel where it played for some time. His eyes gazed up at her for a second then he held her legs high as he kissed the inside of them, each time his soft lips touched the soft, sensitive skin she gasped. He pulled her closer to the edge and placed the head of his cock into her pussy she tightly gripped the bench and as each inch of his cock went inside her it made her stomach contract, the full nine inches of his cock was engulfed by her warm pussy and pain riddled her face as he slowly went deeper and deeper inside her. His cock seemed to expand as he went fasted and faster stretching her, he held on tightly to her sides as he increased in speed she continuously moaned and screamed for him to fuck her. He removed his cock and bent her over the bench fucking her harder and faster this time gripping her hair around his right hand and holding on to her shoulder with the next. With every push it sent waves up her spine and seemed to shift her womb and tears flowed down her cheeks for the pain she felt was unbearable as she let out a splendorous release and Alex lifted her onto the bench and laid on top of her, allowing her legs to rest on his sides and kept fucking her until he was poised to explode. He removed his cock and pumped it releasing its thick white juices over her face and chest.

Alex looked at her with a sense of satisfaction and said,

"I guess nine two was more than you could handle, we should do this again sometime.'' And she smiled. He took up his towel and headed for the door, as he stepped out his eyes met dead with Kerry’s, the only word that could escape his lips were…


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