Princess' Knight

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Chapter 1

Princess' Knight

By ALONZO OUZTS II | Published: March 30, 2012

“King Seth, Queen Rhain has just gone into labor. She is accompanied by her nurse and your daughter Leah. She asks for your audience in her room.” says a servant.

“Thank you, tell her I will be there in a few minutes.” says King Seth.

The servant leaves the king’s hall and returns to the side of the queen to deliver the message. King Seth begins to walk towards the queen’s chambers, after finishing signing a few decrees given to him by the counsel.

“WAAAHHHH!” wails the new born child.

“It seems I have come at a good time.” says Seth

“Father Welcome, mother has just given birth to another daughter.” says the young Princess Leah in amusement while holding her little sister.

“Wow she is beautiful, Rhain.” says Seth while taking the baby, smiling and holding the small, precious, defenseless life in his arms. “What are we going name her?”

“How does Lillian sound?” says Rhain.

“I like that name, I can then call her Lily.” says Seth.

As the royal family celebrates the new life, a group of knights come into the room.

“We are sorry to disturb you, your majesty. We have had an issue on our journey back from the country of Gelu.” says the knight while waving to two knights to bring in a prisoner. “This child seems to be harmless but he has killed a knight. He seems to be around the same age range as Princess Leah. He will not speak or respond to any questions we ask” says the knight.

The boy looks directly into the eyes of King Seth with unwavering malice filled eyes.

“Child, where are your parents?” asks Seth while waiting for an answer from the boy.

“….”answers the boy with silence.

“Since he does not want to talk, put him in the dungeon for two days without food.” says Seth.

“How could you be so heartless Seth?” asks Rhain. “This child feels intimidated with all of you trying to get answers out of him forcefully.” says Queen Rhain as she gets up in enormous pain from the delivery and walks towards the boy.

“What are you doing Rhain!? You just delivered a child. Please lay back down.” says Seth while paranoid.

“Pay no attention to him child.” says Rhain as she kneels down to eye level with the boy, speaking in a soft sweet voice. “Who are you my child?”

“I’m…. my name is…. Aubin.” says the boy while mumbling.

“I didn’t quite catch your name. Did you say Arnold?” asks the queen.

“Aubin is my name. I am sorry for killing the man but… but he attacked the foxes.” says Aubin while beginning to panic and rocking back and forth.

“What foxes are you talking about?”

“The foxes in the woods near my cabin. They are like family for me. The…. Man attacked one… I saw him kill one and I….. Used my swords…. And in three attacks…. He…. He was dead.” says Aubin frightened by the experience and begins to cry and scratch uncontrollably with nervousness.

“It will be okay, Aubin.” says the queen while reaching to hug him. “It is alright to protect what you hold dear. No one will blame that on you. Aubin, would you like to stay here in Arseinega? I would like to learn more about your past but right now does not seem like the appropriate time to inquire about that right now.” says Queen Rhain as she smiles at him breaking all of his insecurities.

“Yes… but what about what I did? I killed some…one.” says the distraught Aubin.

“It will be alright. Servant, I want you to take him to the vacant cabin just outside of the castle.” says the queen. “Also on the way there, take Leah to her room please.”

The servant leaves the room while taking Leah and Aubin with them. King Seth helps his wife Rhain up and takes her to her bed.

“You can be truly amazing sometimes.” says Seth

“Well, my husband wants to try and intimidate the whole world instead of showing compassion to people when it is needed. That child Aubin is in pain. Even though he put on a great façade, deep down he is truly lonely. He just wanted someone to bring him out of the darkness of his mind. You really think he wants to kill for no reason? Remember Seth, love has not, is not, and will not be love until it is given. Become a kinder king and show Arseinega the kind man I have come to love.” says Queen Rhain as she kisses King Seth on the forehead.

“Alright my queen, I will heed your words. Get some rest and I will see you in the morning. Malkie, we are going to leave the queen to rest.” says Seth while talking to the lead knight.

They leave the room and began to walk down a long corridor.

“What are we going to do with the boy, Malkie?” asks King Seth.

“I propose we have him undertake the challenge of knighthood. I have never seen a child; rather knights wield two swords with ease as the boy could. Whoever he is, he has been trained well. As he said it only took him three strikes to kill a trained knight and he is only around the age of ten. He may become a great weapon for Arseinega. He uses a very peculiar sword; I believe that it is of a foreign built. It is light but not double-edge and skinny but very sharp.” says Malkie

“Alright, knighthood it is.”

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years; as Aubin goes through the training of becoming a knight. Now at the age of sixteen Aubin is now a knight of the kingdom of Arseinega. Still with a good relationship with the royal family he has had constant communication with them over the past six years.

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