Wishing for Eden

By AUDREY HEBERLIG | Published: January 24, 2012

The world has always changed and will continue to do so for the rest of eternity. Nothing stays the same, not even people. We live and die like the trees and animals. Some creatures have the ability to live prolonged lives, but even that doesn't prevent them from meeting their fate. Such a mysterious is the word fate... whenever it comes to mind I can't help but sit down and ponder what its true definition is or how we, as temporary things, came to know of it. Did it happen to stumble into the mind of a person or did it choose to be known to us? Whatever the case is, I know better than to think too much about it. Thoughts like that only bring fate ever nearer and I have a will to live that no one else could ever measure.

By and by, you do what must you can to survive. Living in the Forest of Teeth does that to people, or so it did to me. The nights are longer than the days, because of all the thick foliage and its position on the mountainside. The summers are scorching hot and the air literally hangs there in a moist sort of mist. To become lost in this forest is an almost certain death by the creatures that haunt this accursed place. Scarfangs and Brittlebones will find you no matter how fast you run or where you hide. I have plenty of scars to prove my endurance and knowledge of how to defend myself against the creatures that are said to be spawn of the shadows. Perhaps this place was created for the damned. I wouldn't be surprised if I was considered to be, since I've lived here ever since I was born.

My mother brought me here when I was born. My father is unknown to me and my mother vowed that she would leave me out for the Brittlebones and Scarfangs to chew on if I even mentioned that I had one. Whatever he'd done to her to make her act the way she does is something that I will probably never know, let alone understand. We originally lived in a small cave at the base of the foothills, but as the darkness has grown stronger within this particular part of the world, we have moved from every cave and abandoned burrow that we could fit into, whether we had enough room to breathe or not. It's do or die in this forest.

Did you hear that? Well, of course you did not since you're just a figment of my imagination, but... I could have sworn that I heard someone in the bushes. And now that I look more closely it appears to be a man.

There's a man staring at me as I'm bathing in the river.

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