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The Heartstone Chronicles: Windchaser - Prologue

Short Stories - WINDCHASER is the first volume of THE HEARTSTONE CHRONICLES, and introduces the races of the world of Lor as a terrible, all-consuming conflict engulfs the Mortal Realm that will decide the fate of Heaven & Hell and all that lies between.

The Office

Love & Romance - The epic story of a man madly in love with his co-worker but he doesn't have the courage to tell her and each time he tries he's interupted by various obstacles, wheather physical or sexual.

DICTIONARY... an original

Horror - Words can hurt. LITERALLY. and no kid seems to this better than the "sage".

Carlus Seenus - Chapter Uno

Life & Death - The untroubled treo return home to Elevency, only to find an unwanted surprise on their doorstep

The Small Matter of Hennison

Life & Death - Carlus is awfully good at getting himself into trouble, a skill be found easy to pass on to his niece. But now things are going from bad to worse because Carlus has messed with someone he probably shouldn't, and now even his best friend may be against hi


Love & Romance - What would you do if the guy who you loved with all your heart, was the guy you hated with all your soul?

Jack of Quests : an Athosian Tale

Writing - Journey into the world of Athosia

Sharp Park Part 4

Writing - The not very long awaited nor highly anticipated conclusion.

chapter one

Life & Death - kaylee trys to figure out how to hide her murder while kay is experimenting with new powers. kay plans to expose kaylee, and kaylee decides to brake jakes heart even more.... find out what happens next!


Life & Death - kay is killed by a crazy, rejected girl after her true love chooses kay over kaylee, and turned into a ghost. she is scared of this new life, or after life, and doesn't know why she is a ghost and didnn't just pass over to the 'other side'. what will